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HL-B117B TYPE Ⅱ Electric Hospital Bed

Size: L2175*W990*H450-800mm


ICU Beds


Technical Specifications:

  • Details
  • ● C-shape back section with buffering rising design can effectively avoid bedsore and prevent body position to get down.

    ● Split up-down side rails meet the safety standard IEC60601-2-52, reasonable gap between the front and back pieces, moving with the function of the bed, maximumly ensure the safety of patient.

    ● Dia.125mm double-face swinging castors with two-step central locking system, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. 

    ● Ergonomic side rails can be the help handle when patient need sit up.

    ● Integrated control panel on side rails for nursing staff to control, with switch to lock/unlock the patient control remote to avoid misusing.

    ● Bed comes with ball-rocking angle indicator for showing the adjustable angle of each section.

    ● With electric CPR quick release function for emergency use.





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