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HL-B117B TYPE Ⅲ Electric Hospital Bed

Size: L2300*W1050*H500-720mm


ICU Beds


Technical Specifications:

  • Details
  • ● PE material bed head and foot boards shaped by blow molding, with self-locking device, easy for disassembling and cleaning.

    ● New type PE folding guard rails,with embedded holder for hand controller. Conform to ICE60601-2-52 standard.

    ● Angle indicator is installed on the outside of both side rails. 

    ● Bed board is with punching press and shaped in one time. Anti slip system on both sides of the bed.

    ● Adopt 4 pieces Taiwan Ti-motion linear actuators, which are of high performance, waterproof and noiseless.

    ● Germany TENTE diameter 125mm castors with central braking system,anti-corrosion and acid resistant .

    ● Backup battery. 






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