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Electric Obstetrics Bed Model No.: HL- B220A Registration Number: 49183



Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Technical Specifications:

  • Details
  • 1.Sturdy base and pedestal made of stainless material
    2.With electric pedal controlled system for the following functions:
    a) Raise and lower the bed
    b)Raise and lower the backrest
    c) Pelvic tilt
    3.Controls on rails for electrical system to raise and lower bed and backrest
    4.Height adjust range: 635-980mm
    5.Load capacity: 250kgs
    6.Inclination of the backrest up to 70 degrees.
    7.External dimensions: L2150*W1000mm
    8.Manual adjustment system of the plane supports legs and  footrest
    9. Four-wheel brake.
    10.Capable of trendelenburg position of 12° and reverse trendelenburg of 5°
    11. Pelvic tilt capacity up to 18°
    12.Adjustable metal pull handles, with padded handles
    13.Folding side rails
    14.Removable head and foot boards
    15. Central locking system for electrical functions
    16. Manual system for positioning in case of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
    17.Back-up battery built into the bed
    18. Power supply 110-120 volts/ 60 Hz
    1. Waterproof mattress with a thickness 10 cm, resistant to disinfectants.
    2.Stainless steel tray, removable for waste.
    3.Padded or covered in material for easy cleaning and  disinfection for both legs and feet.
    4.An adjustable two-hook music stand.

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