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Electric ICU BED MODEL: HL-B117B



ICU Beds


Technical Specifications:

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  • Bed overall dimensions:L2240*W1000;Bed platform dimensions: L1970*W850*mm

    ABS material bed head and foot boards shaped by below molding, removable, easy for cleaning and disinfection.

    HPL back section, translucent for X-ray with X-ray cassette tray, usable X-ray area length 720mm, width 850mm

    Four sections lying surface, back section is HPL material, others are steel epoxy coated finish.

    Four pieces ABS material adjusting side rails, comply to safety standard IEC/EN60601-2- 52. Reasonable gap between the front and back pieces, moving
    together with the bed function, maximum ensure the safety of patient, avoid clamp injury to nursing staff and patients.

    Whole structure is steel epoxy coated finish material.

    Equipped with built-in control panels on two sides of the side rails and one hand controller, which adjust all electric functions with locking system, for nursing staff
    and patient control.

    Four motors for all electric functions.

    Side rails with angle indicators to show movement angles of backrest and trendelenburg & reverse-trandelenburg .

    Built-in rechargeable back-up battery with battery charge indicator.

    Diameter 150 mm casters with central braking system , brake pedal at corners, abrasion resistance, steering mechanism promote a flexible movement and locking.

    Protective round bumpers located at bed corners.

    Hospital Bed Safety Working Group Standards: EN60601-2-52.

    Loading Capacity: 250KGS

    Bed Functions:

    Back section: 0-75°±5°

    Leg section: 0-45°±5°

    Hi-low movement: 450-740mm±20mm

    Auto regression system

    Trendelenburg & reverse-trendelenburg: ±12°

    Cardiac Chair Positioning

    Electric One-button to achieve CPR quick release for the whole bed.

    Manual CPR handle for back section quick release.

    Standard Accessories(Shall be supplied by the same Manufacturer):

    A: Bedside Cabinet:Size: L480*W480*H760mm
    1, The whole structure is made of ABS plastic material. 
    2, A slide-out tray. 
    3, A drawer. 
    4, A bottom cabinet. 
    5, Towel bar on both sides. 
    6, Four castors, two with brakes. 1 pc

    B: Over bed Table with adjustable height:Size: L820*W450*H840-1070mm
    1,ABS table top
    2,Epoxy coated steel frame. 
    3,Gas spring to adjust height. 
    4,Four casters with brakes.1 pc

    C: Bed fitting Patient Lifting Pole:steel epoxy coated finish 1 pc

    D: Split side rails/collapsible side rails:ABS plastic 4 pcs

    E: I.V Rod SS:Stainless steel material; Four hooks; Adjusting height; 1 pc

    F: Removable Head and Foot Panels:ABS plastic   2 pcs

    G: Mattress:Ripple overlay cell type anti decubitus active 
    Mattress with water proof flame retardant sterilisable cover, 10cm thickness
    1 pc

    H: Drainage bag hooks:To hang drainage bags
    2 pcs

    I : I.V pole sockets:To place I.V pole
    4 pcs

    Certificate:CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001, FSC

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