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Delivery Bed Model: HL-B221A



Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Technical Specifications:

  • Details
  • Bed overall dimensions: L2000*W1000mm;Bed platform dimensions:L1800*W780mm

    ABS material bed head boards shaped by below molding, removable, easy forcleaning and disinfection.

    Three sections lying surface, back board/seat board and leg board.

    Leg board are retractable and hidden under the bed,adjusted by manually.

    Two pieces ABS material folding side rails, comply to safety standard IEC/EN60601-2- 52.

    Equipped with one hand remote controller, which adjust all electric functions with locking system.

    Side rails with angle indicators to show movement angles of backrest and trendelenburg & reverse-trandelenburg .

    Built-in back-up battery.

    Four diameter 125mm casters with individual brakes, super abrasion resistance, to promote a flexible and convenient movement and locking, capability of mobility of
    transportation within the hospital.

    Multiple delivery positions.

    Loading Capacity: 250KGS.

    Bed Functions:

    Back section: 0-70°±5°

    Hi-low movement: 500-820mm±20mm

    Trendelenburg & reverse-trendelenburg: 10°/20°

    Manual CPR handle for back section quick release.

    Standard Accessories(Shall be supplied by the same Manufacturer):

    A : Knee crutches

    A pair
    Manual adjust. 
    Stainless steel rod. 
    To support leg.

    B : Hand Bar

    Adjustable stainless steel hand bar with padded, easy to grip  A pair

    C : I.V Rod SS

    Stainless steel material;
    Four hooks;
    Adjusting height;
    1 pc

    D : Waste bowl

    Removable for waste. 
    Stainless steel material.
    1 pc

    E : Mattress

    Waterproof mattress, 8 cm thickness, resistant to disinfectants. 
    Leg board part can be detached.
    1 pc

    F: Drainage bag hooks

    To hang drainage bags
    2 pcs

    G: I.V pole sockets

    To place I.V pole
    2 pcs

    Certificate:CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001, FSC


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