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HL-B220A LDR Luxury Obstetric Bed

Bed overall dimensions: L2200*W1110 mm Bed platform dimensions: L1950*w880 mm Bed height: 490-890 mm Backrest up: ≥65° Seat board up: ≥120 Footplate elevation: 170mm Bed trendelenburg: -8°, manually operated. Footplate outward: ≥90。 Footplate up: ≥90° Castor size: 150mm Bed weight capacity: 250kg


Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Technical Specifications:

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  • This  is a new member of intelligent obstetric beds based on the new international concept of family accompanying delivery, integrated with delivery, childbirth, recuperation, gynecological operation, examination and diagnosis.It pays more attention to the emotional life and action requirements of the maternal and infant, and maximum reduces the work intensity of nursing staff, easy and convenient to operate.



    Technical Specifications

    ● Imported Denmark LINAK linear motor.

    ● Adjustable Backrest, knee rest and Hi-low position.

    ● Smart-touch operation keys are installed on both sides rails.

    ● Removable PE material bed head.

    ● Ultra-low starting position(485mm) provides stable support for pregnant. 

    ● The variety of delivery position (horizontal, sitting, lateral, and half-squat) to meet the delivery mother`s different positions requirements.

    ● Induction night light provides lighting around bed floor area.

    ● Mattress with/without V shape cutting are optional.

    ● Central brake and steering system makes the bed with better stability.

    ● One time blow molding hidden type auxiliary platform which can be hidden under the bed when not in use.

    ● Uninterrupted power supply guarantees the emergency use.


    Bed overall dimensions L2200*W1110 mm
    Bed platform dimensions L1950*w880 mm
    Bed height 490-890 mm
    Backrest up ≥65°
    Seat board up ≥120
    Footplate elevation 170mm
    Bed trendelenburg -8°, manually operated.
    Footplate outward ≥90。
    Footplate up ≥90°
    Castor size 150mm
    Bed weight capacity 250kg

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