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Recovery Trolley MODEL: HL-A411A



Patient Transfer Trolleys


Technical Specifications:

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  • Dimensions 1900mm* 600mm

    Two Section patient’s trolley for use in patient’s recovery areas.

    Mechanically adjustable back section.

    Upholstered top with PU cover and 8cm thickness foam.

    Steel epoxy coated finish material for whole structure.

    Push handles are located at head and end of the trolley.

    A pair folding side rails.

    125mm diameter castors with individual brake.

    Loading Capacity: 220KGS.

    Back board: 0-75°±5°

    Standard Accessories(Shall be supplied by the same Manufacturer):

    A: Side rails

    Folding side rails  A pair

    B: Cylinder cage

    Used in putting oxygen cylinder   1 pc

    C: Push handle

    Located at head and end of the trolley 2 pcs

    D: I.V Rod SS

    Stainless steel material;
    Four hooks;
    Adjusting height; 1 pc

    E: Drainage bag hooks

    To hang drainage bags   2 pcs

    F: I.V pole sockets

    To place I.V pole  2 pcs

    Certificate: CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001, FSC

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