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HL-B210C Integrated Delivery Bed

Bed overall dimensions: L2058*W1080mm Bed height: 550-1000mm Backrest up: -10°-60° Sit board upward adjustment angle: 0-25° Footplate elevation: 100 mm Leg plate outward: 0-33° Leg plate upward: 0-90° Culf bending range: 0°-75° Bed weight capacity: 250 Kg


Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Technical Specifications:

  • Details
  • ● Adopting Imported German HOERBIGER Electro-hydraulic system.

    ● High resilience mattress with polymer gel, constant temperature  and preventing pressure sores.

    ● Adjustable side rails, with grips to assisting the user get up.

    ● With detachable and Retractable auxiliary table.

    ● Hidden basin, meet the needs while examination. Can be withdraw while no need.

    ● ABS bottom cover with anti-liquid penetration pad.


    Technical Specifications

    Bed overall dimensions L2058*W1080mm
    Bed height 550-1000mm
    Backrest up -10°-60°
    Sit board upward adjustment angle 0-25°
    Footplate elevation 100 mm
    Leg plate outward 0-33°
    Leg plate upward 0-90°
    Culf bending range 0°-75°
    Bed weight capacity 250 Kg

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