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Surgical Positioning Pad


Surgical Positioning Pad


Technical Specifications:

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  • ● The products adopt ergonomic designwith various specifications,providing stable and comfortable positioning for patients,best suraical field for the suraenon,maximum shorten the surgery time.

    ● The products is made of polymer gel and film,with good softness,pressure and shock resistance, maximum dispenseing the pressure,avoiding,bedsore and nerve pressing damage.

    ● The pads are X-ray translucent,waterproofi,nsulatednon-conductive.Latex free ,anti-bacteria,non-allergenic,without plasticizer.

    ● This products tolerance temperature is from-18℃ to+55℃.Easy to clean.Use non-corrosive disinfectant for disinfection.Strictly forbid fumigation high temperature and high pressure sterilization.


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