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HL-B117A TYPE I Multifunctional ICU Bed

Size: L2350*W1090*H570-970mm


ICU Beds


Technical Specifications:

  • Details
  • ● PP material bed head and foot boards shaped by blow molding, with self-locking device.

    ● New type 6 pieces PP adjustable side rails, 4 sets Control buttons on the side rails.

    ● Outside of side rails are installed with 4 angle indicators.

    ● PP material bed lying platform, with good loading capacity,transparent to X-ray. All four sections can be detached for clean by different disinfectants.

    ● C shape back section with raised edges can effectively avoid bedsores and prevent position down.

    ● With 2 pieces electrically controlled bed exit assistant handles.

    ● Independently developed customized electric control system, with a touch screen control system.

    ● Adopt 3 pieces Taiwan Ti-MOTION electric column motors and 3 pieces linear actuators, which are of high performancewaterproof and noiseless.

    ● Bed  Accessories: Bumpers: 4 pcs,I.V pole sockets: 4 pcs,Drainage bag hooks: 4 pcs.



    The new itelligent multi-functional bed is mainly used in ICU ward, can also be used in high-end VIP ward, Its multi-functional and customizable design can maximumly meet the doctor and patient's needs.




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