HL-D421A-1 Medicine Trolley
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HL-D421A-1 Medicine Trolley

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1. ABS modular surface, portable cart body,corrosion resistance and easy to clean.
2. Concave surface, better for item storage, to prevent item from falling down when cart is moving.
3.  High quality stainless steel columns,abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.
4. Aluminum composite panel for side boards and back board, high strength,abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. 
5. Full-drawer design installs three-section noise-free sliding rail, and ABS divider inside the drawers which is convenient for sorted storage of medicine and device. Aluminum alloy handle. Central locking for drawers, easy to use and control.
6. Four noise-free anti-winding caster wheels, of which diameter is Φ100mm.
7. Drawer loading capacity is 50KG, overall loading capacity is 200KG.
8. Standard Accessories: Waste Bin, Pushing handle, Pull-out auxiliary working plate, round bumpers.
9. Colors can be tailored.


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