Y-20 Wheel Chair
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Y-20 Wheel Chair

Number of views:
General description:
1) "Designed for movement of patients with the help of staff
or independently in rooms and on sites with a hard surface."
2) Foldable design:
3)Frame made of durable material with anti-corrosion coating:
4)Folding armrests and footrests:
5)The armrests and footrests are adjustable in height:
6)Roll-over protection:
7)The diameter of the front wheels is not less ("): 7"
8)Rear wheel diameter not less ("): 20"
9)Cast rubber tires that do not need inflation:
10)Rear parking brake:
11)Maximum wheelchair height: 120cm
12)Seat dimensions:
Height range: 40-50cm
Width at least: 45cm
Depth not less than: 40cm
13Seat height can be adjusted
14Maximum load 120kg
15Sheathing made of durable material in dark colors,
resistant to the effects of various disinfectant solutions: .
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