XHDJ Connecting stretchers for the operating room

XHDJ Connecting stretchers for the operating room


Size: L3650×W640×H640—970mm

Description Of Product:
1. The main structure is high quality Aluminium,pressed and shaped in one time.
2. The track is high strength alloy Aluminium,which made the movement more steady and reliable.
3. Two single stretcher can be lift up/down easily, to let the two single-stretcher come to the same level.Steady slide.
4. It can be locked automatically when the bed slide to any single stretcher,and there is an insurance equipment.
5. Central-control braking system in every single-stretcher,reliable and steady during the movement or connection.
6. Its function and structure all come to the international modern level,can satisfy to the requirement of all hospitals,can prevent cross infecting.This type stretcher is the best choice for operation room.

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