XH720J Electric Delivery Table
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XH720J Electric Delivery Table

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Tabletop Length/ Width: 1780/600mm
Tabletop Up/down: 880/680mm
Table top trendelenburg/ reverse trendelenburg: 8°/20°
Back plate up/down: 45°/7°
Voltage/ Frequency / Capacity: 220V/50Hz/1.0kw
The tabletop elevation, trendlenburg / reverse trendlenburg , back
plate all controlled by both micro touch hand remote control and foot switch.
Imported electric motors enable flexible, smooth movements, low noise, high reliability.
All base and column over is made of 304 medical grade stainless steel.
Seamless mattress can be colorfully customized, easy to clean and sterilized.
Mattress: 1 set
Arm support: 1 pair
Handle: 1 pair
Fixing Clamp: 1pair
Knee crutch: 1 pair
Pedal: 1 pair
Leg support: 1 piece
Waste basin: 1 piece
Hand remote: 1 piece
Foot switch: 1 piece


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