HL-B320B Electric Operating Table
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HL-B320B Electric Operating Table

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HL-B320B electric operating table can meet various requirements from all departments surgery. Extra wide tabletop, long horizontal sliding that can be suitable for X-ray and C-arm use.
Adopted micro touch remote control that enables flexible and smooth function adjustment. High automation, low noise, high reliability. It is an ideal choice for operation room.


Tabletop length:                                                       2070mm                               
Table width: 550mm
Tabletop minimum height: 700mm
Tabletop maximum height: 1000mm
Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg: 25°/25°
Lateral tilt: 15°/15°
Head rest (up/down): 45°/90°
Foot Plate (up/down): 15°/90°
Foot plate horizontal positioning: 90°
Back plate (up/down): 75°/20°
Kidney bridge elevation: 110mm
Horizontal sliding: 300mm
Voltage: 220V/ 110V
Frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz
Power capacity: 1.0kw
Battery: Yes
Mattress: Memory mattress
Accessory: PU by Moulding
Main material: 304 stainless steel.
Maximum load capacity: 200kg                         


Standard accessories:

Anesthetic Screen 1 Piece
Kidney Bridge Handle 1 Piece
Shoulder Support 1 Pair
Body Support 1 Pair
Arm Support 1 Pair
Long Fixing Clamp 1 Pair
Leg Support 1 Pair
Foot Plate 1 Pair
Fixing Clamp 8 Pieces
Hand Remote 1 Piece
Mattress 1 set
Power Line 1 Piece


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