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LDR Intelligent Obstetric Bed

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1.Size:2350* 940mm 
Technical Specifications:
1)Bed overall dimensions: L2350*W940mm
2)Bed platform dimensions  : L1950*W880mm
3)Bed height : 500-890mm
4)Backrest up: ≥65°
5)Seat board up: ≥12°
6)Bed Trendelenburg: ≥8°
7)Foot plate elevation: 170mm
8)Foot plate outward: ≥90°
9)Foot plate up: ≥90°
10)Side rails elevation :405mm


Properties Introduction
The model is a new member of intelligent obstetric beds based on the new international concept of family accompanying delivery, integrated with delivery, childbirth, recuperation, gynecological operation, examination and diagnosis.
  It pays more attention to the emotional life and action requirements of the maternal and infant, and maximum reduces the work intensity of nursing stuff, easy to operate and convenient.

•Imported Denmark LINAK liner motor.

•Central brake and steering system makes the bed with better stability and flexible transferring.

•Smart- touch operation keys are installed on both side rails, with easy operation for nursing stuff and patient.

•One-time blow molding hidden type assistant table is better for cleaning and operation.

•Side rail is with luminous function (optional).

•Induction night light provides automatic lighting around bed floor area (optional).

•Uninterrupted power supply guarantees the emergency use (optional).

•Ultra-low starting position provides stable support for trying walking mother.

•The variety of delivery positions (horizontal, sitting, lateral, and half-squat) suit for all kinds of delivery mother.

•Hidden foot rest with flexible height adjustment reduces work intensity of nursing stuff.

•Movable assistant table provides wider operating space for nursing stuff.

•Quick release CPR function (the back board declines emergently). •Blow molding bed board is easy to clean, anti-corrosion and anti-stink.

•Hollow foam (memory foam) mattress is with comfortable bulkiness and excellent elasticity. Various colors of mattress cover are available.


Standard accessories:
Mattress                   1set
I.V pole                   1 pc
Waste bowl                 1pc
Power wire                 1pc


Product Details



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