XHS20G Manual Hospital Bed (2 cranks)

XHS20G Manual Hospital Bed (2 cranks)



1. Back section up/down ≥0-70°±5°

2.Leg section up/down ≥0-40°±5°

Standard Specifications:

1.ABS plus aluminum  material bed head and foot boards ,easy for disassembling and cleaning.

2. New type 6 columns,aluminum guard rails.

3.Bed board punching press and shaping in one time. Anti-slip system on both side of the bed.

4.ABS crank handle with overloading protection system.

5.Foue 125mm advanced casters with brake,mute and superior resistance.

6.Bed accessories:I.V pole sockets: 4 pcs/Drainage bag hooks: 2 pcs

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