XHS20E Manual Hospital Bed(2 cranks)

XHS20E Manual Hospital Bed(2 cranks)


1. Back section up/down ≥0-70°±5°

2.Leg section up/down ≥0-40°±5°

Standard Specifications:

1. PE material bed head and foot boards shaped by injection molding, with self-locking device,easy for disassembling and cleaning.

2. New type 6 columns,aluminum guard rails.

3.Bed board is metal mesh material with good quality coating and durability.

4.ABS crank handle with overloading protection system.

5.Foue 125mm advanced casters with brake,mute and superior resistance.

6.Bed accessories:I.V pole sockets: 4 pcs/Drainage bag hooks: 2 pcs

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