HL-B177B TYPE II Electric Hospital Bed
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HL-B177B TYPE II Electric Hospital Bed

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Product Information

Technical Specifications:
1.Back section up/down 0-70°
2.Leg section up/down 0-25°
3.Auto contour function  
4.Hi-low adjustment 450-800mm
5.Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg
6.One-button electric CPR quick release
7.Safe Bearing 220kg



Functiom Description:
1.C-shape back section with buffering rising design can effectively avoid bedsore and prevent body position to get down.
2.Split up-down side rails meet the safety standard IEC60601-2-52, reasonable gap between the front and back pieces, moving with the function of the bed, maximumly ensure the safety of patient.
3.New design safety side rails opening with pressure from outside.
4.Dia.125mm double-face revolving castors with two-step central locking system, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

5.Ergonomic side rails can be the help handle when patient need sit up.

6.Bed platform adopts cold-roll steel sheet, punching press and shaping in one time, double spray with electrostatic powder to ensure the inner and outer sides of the steel are in same quality level, highly resistant to corrosion.

7.Integrated control panel on side rails for nursing staff to control, with switch to lock/unlock the patient control remote to avoid misusing.
8.Bed comes with ball-rocking angle indicator for showing the adjustable angle of each section.
9.With electric CPR quick release function for emergency use.



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