HL-B117B TYPE I Electric Hospital Bed
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HL-B117B TYPE I Electric Hospital Bed

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Product Information

Technical Specifications:
1.Back section up/down  0-70°
2.Leg section up/down 0-25°
3.Auto contour function 
4.Hi-low adjustment 470-795mm
5.Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg

6.One-button electric CPR quick release

7.Safe Bearing  220kg



Function Description:
1.One-step detachable bed head and foot boards, convenient for nursing staff close to the head of patient.

2.Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg function apply to emergency treatment, improve patient comfort.

3.Non-gap design is convenient for transferring patient safely.

4.Ergonomic CPR handle located at the head section for quick release the backrest for emergency.

5.With switch to lock/unlock all electric functions.

6.Built-in control panels on both sides of the side rails for nursing staff and patient control.

7.Angle indicator shows the tilt angle of backrest, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg.

8.Built-in battery back-up.

9.Bed platform is automatically shaped to prevent the patient from sliding to the end of the bed.

10.Optional PP bed platform, transparent for X-RAY.




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