HL-B117A TYPE I Multifunction Electric Hospital Bed
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HL-B117A TYPE I Multifunction Electric Hospital Bed

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Products information:

Size: L2350*W1100*H500-900mm
1.Back section up/down  0-70°
2.Leg section up/down  0-40°
3.Auto contour function
4.Hi-low adjustment  500-900mm
5.Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg  12°
6.Bed right/ left tilting  20°
7.Bed exit alarm
8.Intelligent LED night light
9.Whole bed platform transparent to X-RAY.
10.One-button achieve the set trendelenburg position.
11.One-button cardiac chair position
12.One-button electric whole bed CPR quick release
13.Manual CPR handles on both sides of the bed for back section quick release.
14.In-bed scale
15.Extension foot section.
16.Backup battery

Standard Specifications:
1.PE material bed head and foot boards shaped by blow molding, with self-locking device
2.New type 6 pieces PE adjustable side rails, 4 pieces side rails with control buttons on both sides.
3.Side rails outer sides are installed with 4 angle indicators.
4.PE material bed lying platform, with good weighing ability, transparent to X-ray. All four sections can be detached for clean by different disinfectants.
5.C shape back section with raised edges can effectively avoid bedsores and prevent position down. 
6.With 2 pieces electrically controlled bed exit assistant handles.
7.Xuhua Medical independently developed customerized electric control system, with a touch screen control system.
8.Adopt 3 pieces Taiwan Ti-MOTION electric column motors and 3 pieces linear actuators, which are of high performance, waterproof and noiseless.
9.Two sets Germany imported foot pedals adjust the bed right/left tilting electrically. 
10.Mounted on four Germany imported TENTE casters with central braking system. Braking pedals are made of high quality aluminum alloy material, stable and easy to operate.
11.Bed accessories: Bumpers: 4 pcs
I.V pole sockets: 4 pcs
Drainage bag hooks: 4 pcs

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