HL-A240A Gynecological Examination Table
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HL-A240A Gynecological Examination Table

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Product information:

Outstanding Features:

1. The examination table frame adopts steel and ABS engineering plastic material, anti-corrosion, anti-rust. Back section is adjustable by gas spring system.

2. Examination table mattress covered by high quality PU material, can be cleaned by alcohol.

3. Table frame is made of steel epoxy powder coated, with ABS material drawers under the back section.

4. With 1 pair hidden type heel support and a retractable auxiliary board under the seat section.

5. Supplied with rectractable footstool, anti-slip surface padded.

6. Standard accessories: Paper roller: 1 pc

7. Optional accessories: LED examination light.


Technical Specifications:

Back section adjustable angle 0-70°                          
Seat section inclination angle maximum
Footstool size L42*W23cm
Bed size L118*W52*H52cm 
Packing size 125*66*92cm
Bearing capacity 235kg


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