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HL-A133A Manual Hospital Bed

Size:2190mm*1000mm*500-720mm Back up/down: 0-70° Leg up/down: 0-40°


Universal Beds


Technical Specifications:

  • Details
  • ● One-step detachable bed head and foot boards, convenient for nursing staff close to the head of patient. 

    ● Four pieces ergonomic tuck-away side rails with angle indicators. 

    ● Safety side rails, easy to operate.

    ● Non-gap design is convenient for transfer patient safely. 

    ● Hidden cranks with overloading protection adjust the up/down of the height, back section and leg section. 

    ● Bed platform is automatically shaped to prevent the patient from sliding to the end of the bed. 

    ● Rotating bumpers at four corner . 

    ● Four dia.125mm castors with central brake, super abrasion resistance, to promote a flexibale and convenient movement and locking. 



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