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HL-A232B Delivery Bed

Size: L2000*W800*H600-800mm


Gyn-Exam Beds


Technical Specifications:

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  • ● Size: L2000*W800*H600-800mm
    ● Multi-function delivery couch consist of bed frame, backrest, seat board, leg rest, side rails, bar, castors, knee crutches,monitor tray, IV rod, stainless steel basin and other parts.
    ● Main structure: Mild steel tube with epoxy coating,.
    ● Mattress: High density foam filing, Mattress over: Fabric, PU coated, hygienic and durable.
    ● Four durable castors with individual brake
    ● Backrest and legrest can be adjusted by ratchet bar
    ● Height can be adjusted by the crank under the back section
    ● Adjustable knee crutches, detachable stainless steel bowl, consealed sockets on both side of  the couch for IV pole placing.

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